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Hat trends

Hats are here to stay

The re-emergence of men’s hats over the last ten years from that crazy thing your old grandad used to wear to an essential fashion accessory continues to progress.

Men’s headwear in general and in particular caps, have paved the way to a more discerning man about town look. The trends have been influenced greatly by Hollywood with movies set in yesteryear with the styling spilling over into the mainstream.

CoupleThe music industry has also put headwear back into the spotlight with more influential style icons sporting baker caps, trilbies, fedoras or porkpies. Mix with that a more affluent younger set that have outgrown their worn backwards baseball cap and you have a demographic hungrier to look and feel more successful and to dress accordingly.

The Hipster effect

One of the more important trends at present is the hipster look. The short hair, the cap, the beard. It is no coincidence that the look is very reminiscent of the first world war, coming exactly a century later. With film, TV and printed media concentrating on the events of a hundred years ago it is of  little surprise that the styling from then has planted itself subliminally into the minds of the male shopper.
HipsterCombined with the impact of the other streams of influence, the reasons for the present day increase in fashion cap and hat wearing becomes apparent.
Time waits for no man and fashion moves at the speed of light. Too impatient to stay with the snail’s pace of the twentieth century today’s buyer is rushing forward a decade or two to find the next latest thing resulting in the hipster already starting to give way to that “Brideshead Revisited” look. That idyllic time between the wars of decadence and style.

Emerging trends

Combine modern materials and eight decades of added ingredients we are blessed with an eclectic array of styles with a core planted very firmly in the 1930s.
The country set wearing the quintessential brown racing trilby to adorn the tweed outfit. Crushable waterproof olive melange wool felts with interesting leather bands will always have a place when strolling the moors with the labradors.
For the traditional townie, felt trilbies to top off the suited silhouette, classic colours with an occasional  touch of a brighter mood board to enhance the accent of the tie and pocket square. Burgundy, navy and burnt orange. Autumn and earth colours that are individual yet slightly understated.
The more casual dresser will look for a hat that doesn’t scream new. It must look like an old friend that has travelled with the wearer for many an adventure. Small brim, subdued palettes of beiges and greys.
We are fast approaching the new heyday of the hat. If we learn anything from history it is how to interpret tomorrow and tomorrow looks like a good day to wear a hat.