The seed of Herald and Heart Hatters was planted 40 years ago when a young fresh-faced Tracey Mogard, who was pretty good with a needle, was asked to help Brixton based theatre millinery goddess Jane Smith.

Needing larger premises the business moved to St Philip Street in Battersea and Jane moved into the house next to it.

After working an apprenticeship with Jane and later becoming her business partner, the direction of the business, then called Jane Smith Straw Hats, moved away from theatre and more into fashion.

Jane wanting to stay where her heart was decided to move away from the business to concentrate more on film and theatre leaving Tracey to follow the fashion route.

However this left Tracey with a business called Jane Smith Straw Hats, and Jane living next door to the shop which although handy did sometimes cause confusion.

Around this time, Tracey was employing two other milliners, Robyn and Lucy who came on board as partners and changed the name of the enterprise to Herald and Heart Hatters, which also then freed up Jane to be able to use her own much-revered name.

In 1992 Ken White joined Herald and Heart to look after marketing and administration. Soon

Herald and Heart hats were being sold all over the world in the best stores and independent boutiques.

Miss Tracey Mogard  Creative Director

Miss Tracey has been one of our country’s top milliners for more than 30 years. Insisting on wearability, balance of design and technical integrity has made Herald and Heart hats sought after around the World. Having a deep passion with a laid back feel keeps the job seriously joyous which reflects within the collections.

Ken White

With a background in fashion photography and styling, Ken joined Herald and Heart in 1992 initially to photograph that Summer’s collection. Unfortunately, he wouldn’t leave. He now designs the men’s collections and runs the back office of the business, although will sometimes be found asleep behind the counter.

Miss Emma Caister

Miss Emma heads up our Rye branch. She joined Herald and Heart from a career in fashion retailing. She also has extensive workroom experience so her skills with needle and cotton come in extremely handy! Miss Emma has great sense of style and is very good when it comes to guiding madam to the most appropriate of headwear

Robyn and Lucy moved away a few years later to follow other paths and Tracey and Ken then became partners both in business and in life.

Ken developed the menswear business, sourcing materials from the UK and manufacturing within the EU. The Herald and Heart menswear range is selling well in many outlets across Britain.

Now all these years later Herald and Heart having moved the base from London to Rye in 2002 where manager Emma is on hand to help and advise, Herald and Heart still enjoys a satisfying recognition in the world of hats and is still making beautifully crafted headwear for all occasions.