Timeless Style

The glamour of the 1950’s set against the ancient backdrop of Rye made for perfect weekend.

Rye hosted the annual vintage car show last weekend and the cars were as indulgent as their owners to admire. Cars licked by chrome, women kissed with crimson lips and men with turn ups folded to uniform precision at the bottom of their jeans. An effortlessly cool look, born in the fifties and made timeless by cinematic icons, Marlon Brando and Marilyn Monroe and reappropriated by modern rockabillies.


Picture courtesy of http://www.thefabuloustimes.com

Herald & Heart has never followed fashion trends but has always followed timeless style. We have never seen these classic bygone eras date, as they have always been lusted after by the fashion industry- trying to capture some of that signature magic.

At Herald & Heart we have a range of accessories which possess 1950s aesthetics; from petite handbags and scarfs to fur wraps for the ladies and for the gentlemen; baker boys, flat caps, pork pies and trilby hats which bring a little bit of this coveted classic style to your fashion repertoire.

We keep you in style not in trends.