The world is watching Wimbledon


It is time to get ourselves a bowl of strawberries and cream and watch the tennis, yes Wimbledon has started and we’ve seen some pretty good matches so far.

We were just asking ourselves where this tradition of strawberries & cream and tennis has come from so we looked into it, and it turns out that it was served at Wimbledon during the first tournament in 1877. There is no definite explanation why the association was made but we can imagine that it is because the fruit was in season at the time and Victorians must have thought it was very fashionable, indeed!

According to the official Wimbledon website, these are the facts and figures:

  • Served in punnets of not less than 10 berries + cream.
  • 28,000kg consumed during the tournament with over 7,000 litres of fresh cream.
  • Usually Grade 1 English strawberries of the highest quality from Kent.
  • From LEAF-certified farms (LEAF is a charity – a leading organisation delivering more sustainable food and farming through Integrated Farm Management
  • To ensure the utmost freshness, strawberries are picked the day before being served. They are delivered to Wimbledon at around 5.30am for inspection and hulling.

So there you go, enjoy the tournament!