The cobbler had his elves for three nights in the Brother Grimm 1806 tale, Mr. Claus has his elves all 365 days of the year and now Herald & Heart have their own elves. Here at the Herald & Heart HQ we have been delighted to be able to provide work-placement opportunities to the young creatives currently studying at Rye Studio School; through this new partnership we are thrilled to add two new elves members of our team (if only for eight weeks) Isabella Woodcock and Jessica Lench.
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Herald &Heart have a strong history in supporting local educational institutes, especially when based in London with great success in helping ‘work-placements graduates’ of Herald & Heart to lead accomplished careers in fashion and millinery.  Since relocating out of London Herald & Heart have wanted to continue in their contribution to the fashion and millinery industries by nurturing and supporting upcoming talents to keep the British fashion industry a strong and unrivaled position as one of the best in the world.  Now in wintery 2014, Herald & Heart are pursuing this passion again. Image3

The recent re-expansion of Herald & Heart has increased demands nationally and globally and our move into larger (more luxurious) workrooms allow for the work and space needed to give respective work-placements students an honest insight into the discipline and business of millinery.  Our recent business rejuvenation and expansion has coincided with the arrival of The Rye Studio School. This has put us in a position where we can offer help and support to students who want to start a career in the fashion industry. After seeing the courses that is offered at the Rye Studio School, the caliber of teaching and the amount of talent the students possess it is the next natural step for Herald & Heart to offer placements.
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Isabella Woodcock, a textiles, art and photography student and Jessica Lench, a textiles, art and business student are the two young talents chosen to complete a work placement at Herald & Heart. Both young creatives will be able to benefit from their time working as part of the Herald & Heart team; seeking further studies and future careers in Fashion Design and Fashion Marketing, skills which can be cultivated here. image4

Here at Herald & Heart, we are passionate about encouraging and enabling local talent to be boundless both in the discipline and careers, for us it is both rewarding and inspiring.