Tagua Pendants


We have an exquisite fourteen piece range of Tagua pendant necklaces which have just arrived from Just Trade. These accessories are not only beautiful to look at but there’s a beautiful story behind them too…

Just Trade was founded in the summer of 2006, it was a company born out of first hand contact with real people trying to establish a business or just a way of living in the developing world. Just Trade recognised the need to help these projects in becoming sustainable via offering a route to market their products. The company work collaboratively with the artisans and craftsmen who create the products. This relationship of working combines the traditional crafts and skills of the artisans with the knowledge of the contemporary jewellery market in Europe; to help establish a sustainable and educational business for all parties.

The pendants we have in the shop are from the Sosote Fair Trade Project in Ecuador. The artisans have worked with Just Trade to create an exclusive range of pendants which have been hand-carved from the tagua nut.

The tagua nut is often referred to as vegetable ivory because of its pure colouring and polished finish. The artisan selects the nut which is as close to the final design shape it can be, then using a variety of carving and sanding processes the nut is transformed into the very pendants you can see in our shop.