[ Milliner x Artisan ] 2016 London Hat Week Official Exhibition

Congratulations to our Fulham shop manager, Sophie, on being selected for the [ Milliner x Artisan ] 2016 London Hat Week Official Exhibition in October.

Following last year’s successful 21st Century Hat Exhibition which attracted 36 milliners from 14 countries and over 400 visitors; London Hat Week is once again teaming up with X Terrace Fashion Platform to curate an exhibition that celebrates collaborations between art and millinery.

It will showcase 130 hats made by over 100 milliners around the world (from 19 countries) who were inspired by a painter, film, or architecture, created hats with the help of a sculptor, scientist or collaborated with a print designer, stylist, photographer to create history, and to make great ideas come true.

Sophie’s submission

Sophie’s creation was inspired by the 1982 film ‘The Dark Crystal’. It’s the story of Jen’s quest, an elf-like creature, to find the missing shard of a magical crystal, and so restore order to his world. “I used to watch this film regularly when I was little. I was too young to understand it but I was fascinated by the Crystal’s powers and completely terrified by the Skeksis, the evil vulture-like creatures. Working on my Crystal Collection was a way of revisiting the film and conquering childhood fears.”


London Hat Week Official Exhibition [ Milliner x Artisan ] event details

You can go see Sophie’s creation between the 7th and 12th of October. The exhibition will be open daily from 11-6pm.

Event information: www.facebook.com/events/805719126230582/

Limited early bird tickets: £6 | Full price tickets: £9
Order your tickets now: http://v.ht/hat16

More about Sophie Dallison x Miss Mirshka Millinery

Sophie makes hats under the label of Miss Mirshka. After graduating with a distinction from City & Guilds Level 1 and 2 in millinery design from the renowned Kensington and Chelsea College, she gained further technical experience under established London milliner Bundle MacLaren.

She now manages Herald & Heart in Fulham so do ask for her when you visit us – you will be in safe hands when choosing the perfect hat for you.

Read more about her work here: www.missmirshka.com

Glorious Goodwood

The Qatar Goodwood Festival begins tomorrow and it is going to be glorious! That’s right, the five-day event is popularly known as ‘Glorious Goodwood’ and is set in the Sussex countryside. It is the sporting and social highlight of the flat-racing season.

A bit of history…

According to the website, Goodwood has played host to the Sport of Kings for over 200 years.

The story began when the Third Duke of Richmond introduced horseracing to Goodwood for the benefit of the officers of the Sussex Militia – of which he was Colonel – rather than any great devotion to the Turf.

The officers held their annual races in nearby Petworth Park, courtesy of the Earl of Egremont, but when the invitation was withdrawn in 1801 due to the Earl’s capricious nature the Duke of Richmond came to the rescue, establishing a course on the Goodwood Estate known as “The Harroway”.

Horseracing was suspended during the Second World War, but Goodwood’s popularity as a horseracing venue began to grow rapidly during the second half of the 20th Century. In 1953, 55,000 spectators were there for the July Meeting’s Tuesday meeting.

Glorious Goodwood style tips…

For the gentlemen

The Stewards’ Cup was first run in 1840, and it was here that Edward VII caused a sartorial stir by sporting a Panama hat and lounge suit instead of traditional top hat and tails.

Richmond Enclosure

While a jacket and tie is required for the Richmond Enclosure, dressing for Goodwood should be relaxed and elegant, the kind of outfit that has timeless appeal but a smartness to make sure you fit in wherever you go. A linen suit is classic, especially when topped with a trusty Panama hat. Jeans are not permitted in this enclosure.

Gordon & Lennox Enclosure

More informal than the Richmond Enclosure but no less elegant. Jackets and ties are not compulsory, however, we would encourage racegoers to dress to impress. Bare chests and fancy dress are not allowed in any enclosure. Gentlemen are also discouraged from wearing shorts and sleeveless tops.

For the ladies

A summer wedding outfit might lend itself to Goodwood, an effortless dress that feels fun but chic is the order of the day and vibrant prints will be sure to make you stand out. Don’t forget the millinery! This is just the place to experiment with headwear, from flamboyant headpieces to more elegant pillboxes, racegoers have been donning a hat for seasons – time to join them.

We have a few suggestions:

Dates to remember:

  • 28th July 2016: Ladies’ Day
  • 29th July 2016: Best Dressed in blue and white, the signature blue and white colours of our sponsor L’Ormarins.

Have fun!

It Ain’t Your Hat, Put It Back!

That’s right, it ain’t! We happened to come accross one of these labels this week and after doing some digging we found that there are a few variations online, particularly on The Fedora Lounge. A few chaps on there put up pictures of cards they found in vintage hats like this one:

Like Hell It's Yours

Source: The Fedora Lounge

There’s not much to be found on the history of these cards but we can see how they came in handy. Picture this – you’re a chap and you’re taking your hot date to the theatre. You leave your coat and lid at the coat check, but after the show, you realise that someone else has picked up your hat by mistake (or they just thought yours was much nicer than the one they came in with, the rascals)!

These cards were a good way of indicating how to return the lost hat to its rightful owner. We think it’s a topping idea so we’ve designed our own versions and we will be given them out with every hat purchase in our Fulham and Rye shops.

It's A Stetson
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Olympiad Games for the Unathletic


SAVE THE DATE – the Chap Olympiad is back in town and you’re in for a treat! You can expect a  day­‐long  celebration  of  English  eccentricity  to  the   backdrop  of  a  traditional  summer  garden  party.  Taking  place  on  Saturday  16th  July,  Britain’s  best   dressed  will  once  again  descend  on  Bedford  Square  Gardens  for  a  very  British  party,  complete  with   Olympiad  games  for  the  unathletic,  live  music,  and  Bourne  &  Hollingsworth’s  trademark  cocktails.

As  Britain  readies  itself  for  a  summer  of  sporting  triumph  at  the  Rio  Olympics,  The  Chap  Olympiad   offers  a  welcome  relief  for  those  who  were  never  picked  for  the  school  sports  team  due  to  being  too   weedy,  and  for  whom  a  well-­‐pressed  suit  is  deemed  close  to  godliness.

True  to  the  Chap  style,  the  Olympiad  games  are  designed  to  reward  panache  rather  than  sporting   prowess,  and  require  the  minimum  of  physical  exertion.  Featuring  such  events  as  the  Corby  Trouser   Press  Challenge  (an  alternative  assault  course),  Not  Playing  Tennis  (the  laziest  ever  game  of  tennis),   and  the  eagerly  observed  Umbrella  Jousting  (as  you  might  expect),  The  Chap  Olympiad  has  become  a   London  institution  and  a  must-­see  event  for  anyone  visiting  London.

DRESS CODE: elegant  finery,  military  wear,  formal  wear,  dandy  wear.  No  sportswear  except  cricket   whites  and  absolutely  no  denim.





Tickets  are  £25 on www.thechapolympiad.com

The Dos and Don’ts of Henley Royal Regatta


As with all events in “the season”, the rules on dress at Henley Royal Regatta are numerous. An important point to remember is that the Regatta itself does not have a dress code. Indeed it is possible to watch the races wearing whatever you want, however much like Ascot, if you want to get into certain areas, there are distinct rules which must be adhered to. According to the official website, these are the dos and don’ts if you want to watch the races from Temple Island or from the Stewards’ Enclosure:


  • Wear collared shirts, lounge suits or blazers and flannels for the gentlemen (and yes, a tie is preferable).
  • Show your support by wearing your club blazer.
  • Wear skirts or dresses down to the knee for the ladies – no trousers or culottes.
  • Wear a hat – it is customary though not compulsory.


  • Wear jeans, shorts, denim or trainers.
  • Opt for a large Ascot-type hat as it will undoubtedly block other people’s view.
  • Leave your mobile phone at home – anyone seen taking calls will have their badge number noted by security guards and anyone who commits the offense twice will be escorted out of the enclosure.

That’s it from us, enjoy the show!



The world is watching Wimbledon


It is time to get ourselves a bowl of strawberries and cream and watch the tennis, yes Wimbledon has started and we’ve seen some pretty good matches so far.

We were just asking ourselves where this tradition of strawberries & cream and tennis has come from so we looked into it, and it turns out that it was served at Wimbledon during the first tournament in 1877. There is no definite explanation why the association was made but we can imagine that it is because the fruit was in season at the time and Victorians must have thought it was very fashionable, indeed!

According to the official Wimbledon website, these are the facts and figures:

  • Served in punnets of not less than 10 berries + cream.
  • 28,000kg consumed during the tournament with over 7,000 litres of fresh cream.
  • Usually Grade 1 English strawberries of the highest quality from Kent.
  • From LEAF-certified farms (LEAF is a charity – a leading organisation delivering more sustainable food and farming through Integrated Farm Management www.leafmarque.com).
  • To ensure the utmost freshness, strawberries are picked the day before being served. They are delivered to Wimbledon at around 5.30am for inspection and hulling.

So there you go, enjoy the tournament!



KuSan has long been an autumn winter style staple at Herald & Heart. This fun, ethical and Eco-conscious brand began in 2000, after falling in love with the striking and colourful styles of knitwear worn by the people of Nepal.

Starting by sourcing the finest wool from New Zealand and handcrafting their products in Nepal (their original inspiration for KuSan) they produce a fantastic high quality range of hats and accessories.

KuSan adheres to their own philosophy  by working in honest and ethical manners in all aspects of business. Particularly with the factory in Nepal and the community which surrounds it; KuSan contributes to a variety of community initiatives in the Kathmandu Valley. KuSan is an advocate in tackling its global footprint as well as philanthropy- by using sea shipping opposed to air freight and by giving an annual contribution to Carbon Footprint. The label gives its consumers the assurance that its products, the means by which they are produced and exported have a great respect for the people and the planet as a whole.

Just some reasons why we love KuSan other than their stand alone products!


Lovesmith UK is our new obsession, gorgeous silk and the finest wool scarves emblazoned with in-house designed graphics.

The brand was created by Mark Goodhall and Leanda Bowden-Smith who both worked in design previously; informing their knowledge on colour, design and fashion. Theses three interests and uniquely based skill sets allow for Lovesmith to fill a niche gap in the market of not just printed scarves but printed scarves which have strong printed graphic with a clever use of colour and composition to make them exciting.  Goodhall and Bowden-Smith draw on their travels to inform Lovesmith’s designs each season.

Whether it be California dreaming or longing for our capital London the collection of Lovesmith scarves we have in our little Rye High St shop are sure to hit the spot… P.S.- They also make great Christmas gifts!

Stetson Summer Hats

As Stetson celebrate their 150th anniversary, we are dedicating our social media channels to saluting this marvellous brand on their milestone.

The Stetson Spring Summer’15 range is true to the brands own aesthetic of classic shapes with a rugged edge; harmonizing it’s Western heritage with the current fashion landscape. We have a great selection of their straw and raffia hats which are the perfect accessory for effortless and understated summer style.

See below the Lamesa Toyo, a light straw hat with folded ribbon. The Merton Fine Tripilla Palm (Malibu Traveller) is a heavier hat peppered with dark flecks of colour and a embossed leather band. The Marrero Raffia is a pork pie influenced shaped hat with cobalt and red ribbon. The Millis Raffia, a pork pie shape with two tone ribbon and a lighter raffia on the underside of the brim. Finally the Hatteras Stripe an eight-piece stripe baker style cap with the classic button on the top and aeroplane brooch detail on the left back.

FullSizeRender (9) FullSizeRender (7)FullSizeRender (10)FullSizeRender (11)

FullSizeRender (8)You can find these beautiful Stetsons, along with us at: 102 High St. Rye, E. Sussex, TN31 7JN// 01797 225261


Sticks & Stones


One of the newest additions to our shop is a leather accessories brand Sticks & Stones. They produce a range of intensely coloured leather handbags and purses, which are stylish and understated despite their bold colour. However their is more to our new favourite brand than just pretty accessories.

Sticks & Stones started as a young vintage leather brand in 70’s Amsterdam, being showcased at the infamous Waterlooplein market- a hive for emerging fashion and creatives. It wasn’t until the 1980’s-1990’s that Sticks & Stones unique brand identity and products began to form. Noticing a gap in the market for colourful leather goods Sticks & Stones became the first leather brand to produce collection consisting entirely of brightly coloured leathers.

Another reason why we love them so much is because of their responsible and concious manufacturing. All of the leathers used by Sticks & Stones are AZO-free and they only work with tanneries with strict compliance and environmental regulations (which complies with EU regulations). The metal frames used in the handbags and purses are from a high quality German based supplier who complies with the implementation of REACH. A quote from Sticks & Stones website details the companies philosophy beautifully and cements our admiration for them- “We engage in running our business with great sensitivity to the world around us.”

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