Not just trendy, but essential.

As we are all well aware, trends come thick and fast in the fashion industry and the current business of ‘throw away’ fashion is where most of us position ourselves when we shop now. Gone are the days of keeping that precious overcoat for 25 years and watching your growing son wrap himself into it. There are trends that stick that consist of instant classics, however, most trends are regurgitated. “What comes around, goes around” there’s nothing much that can call itself ‘new’ anymore. Fortunately, hats fall into the classic category. Regurgitated through the decades with the use of film, theatre, tv shows and celebrity style & royalty. Hats aren’t just a trend. They are essential. They portray an image and a style that other items of clothing cannot. The accessory that gives you that instant dressed to impress feel. The ultimate cool. They complete your outfit, pull together your confidence and allow you to feel like a different person. They protect you from the suns strong burn in the height of summer and the frost from Jack in the depths of winter. They portray authority and utter rebellion, sometimes in the same hat. Hats are a part of every day life.