It Ain’t Your Hat, Put It Back!

That’s right, it ain’t! We happened to come accross one of these labels this week and after doing some digging we found that there are a few variations online, particularly on The Fedora Lounge. A few chaps on there put up pictures of cards they found in vintage hats like this one:

Like Hell It's Yours

Source: The Fedora Lounge

There’s not much to be found on the history of these cards but we can see how they came in handy. Picture this – you’re a chap and you’re taking your hot date to the theatre. You leave your coat and lid at the coat check, but after the show, you realise that someone else has picked up your hat by mistake (or they just thought yours was much nicer than the one they came in with, the rascals)!

These cards were a good way of indicating how to return the lost hat to its rightful owner. We think it’s a topping idea so we’ve designed our own versions and we will be given them out with every hat purchase in our Fulham and Rye shops.

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