Guy Fawkes Wore A Hat Too !

For many of us November 5th is the day in which we celebrate the unsuccessful attempt to blow up the Houses of Parliament by Guy Fawkes and his motley crew; however in Rye, November 8th is the day we need to remember, remember- for it is Bonfire Night!

The chills of winter have begun descending upon us but at Herald & Heart we are prepared. Our little shop in the high street is full of knitted, furry and woolly hats and accessories to add a little luxury to standing on the cobbled streets watching the bonfire burst into flames and fireworks illuminate that dark November night sky.


Kusan offer knitted beanies and scarfs made in Nepal to both ladies and gentlemen looking to wrap up in colourful wool and cashmere. Their patterns offer a certain nostalgia due to those unforgettable seventies prints. Aware however that we are not in the seventies but a high-speed digital age Santacana deliver warmth and practicality. Their brightly hued lambs wool gloves are touch screen friendly, capturing memories on your iPhone no longer means numb fingertips!

For those who want to be the epitome of winter glamour, Helen Moore has a beautiful collection of faux fur winter staples. Pillboxes, tippet scarves, giant stoles, huffs and muffs in an assortment of high quality faux fur colourings, perfect for bringing fifties Hollywood glamour to Rye. Finally, those gentlemen who struggle to keep their ears warm would be wise to invest in a Herald & Heart wool or cashmere cap with earflaps. The caps, which come in four versatile colours, are designed by Herald & Heart- being in the hat business for as long as we have we know how to make a fashionable and timeless cap for a fashionable and timeless gentleman.


Don your hats, scarves, and gloves and enjoy the show!