Folkestone concession for our men’s range.

exterior shot of The Quartermasters in Folkestone

We are very excited to announce that our men’s hat and cap ranges are now stocked within a concession at The Quartermasters in Folkestone.

The Quartermasters is a great on trend shop on The Old High Street within what is known as “The Creative Quarter” of the town.

As well as our own Herald and Heart brand we also stock hats and caps by Stetson, Wigens and Linney at the shop.

You can find The Quartermaster at 37 The Old High Street, Folkestone, Kent.

From nailed to a wall to Naomi Campbell


Once upon a time in an idle moment in a little workshop in Battersea, we decided to attempt to make the biggest brimmed hat in the world. So one of the milliners, started on a stitched straw brim and kept adding and adding to the width. When it was finished we contacted The Guinness Book of Records to see if they were interested. A resounding apathy was the response. So, left with a hat with a brim six feet across and nowhere to put it, we decided to nail it to the wall of our shop as a decoration and there it stayed for a couple of years.


Moving on, we were exhibiting at the Clothe Show Live at the NEC in Birmingham and were asked last minute to provide a hat for their catwalk show. Panicking as there was nothing suitable it was suggested that we pull the nails from the hat on the wall and work out a way of keeping it on the wearer’s head. This was done with lots of ribbon and bows, then the hat was sent off to the show organisers with about 3 days to spare.

One can imaging the surprise we had when the finale of the show was none other then Naomi Campbell wearing out hat.

The following year we returned to the show and had the hat on our stand. There were queues of people wanting to try it on. So we decided to lend it to the charity, Fashion Acts, who were also there and suggested they charge a donation fee for people to have their photograph taken wearing it. They made quite a bit that week!

The hat followed us around for many years, gathering dust and getting in the way, finally living in our barn and becoming a home to a family of mice.

The bin men took it in the end!

Eyes Wide Open

One of our many memorable photoshoots featured actress/singer/model Julienne Davis of “Eyes Wide Shut” fame.

She came down from London and stayed with us for a couple of days. We had a great evening getting a little worse for wear and ended up singing very loudly around the piano. I have vague recollections of her singing  “The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down,” while I vamped the chords the best I could.

The hat Julienne wears in this picture is the Herald and Heart Sundowner shape. A large elliptical sinamay brim with a giant flower adornment.

Five Times Anna

Five Times Anna…

We are currently going through our massive image archive that covers almost 25 years of hat making at Herald and Heart. During those years it has been a pleasure to work alongside many great designers in interesting locations with truly wonderful models and actors.

One of our most constant hat models has been the actress Anna Madeley who we met purely by chance when she was appearing in a play at The Riverside Studios in Hammersmith back in 2000.

This image is from our 2006 collection. We were looking for locations and found what appeared to be an old bus and coach graveyard. The coach in this picture is from the 1950’s.

The hats are a feather a quill explosion on a sinamay crown and a hand blocked fez with spotty veiling and feather and quill.

Giulia Mio Millinery

Giulia Mio Blocked Beret

Guilia Mio Blocked Beret

The small blocked beret seems very much de rigueur for this years younger crowd. Guilia Mio, with her signature clean cut lines has produced this button shaped beret with a simple yet striking feather adornment.

A selection of Guilia Mio is available at the Herald and Heart Ascot Emporium at 703 Fulham Road SW6.

Giulia Mio Blocked Beret

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Blocked Beret by Camilla Rose

Blocked beret by Camilla Rose

Camilla Rose Millinery

This very on-trend blocked beret by Fulham based milliner Camilla Rose is available at our Ascot Emporium at 703 Fulham Road along with a multitude of one-off hats by a dozen different artisan milliners.

There are hats suitable for Royal Ascot, Henley, Weddings and garden parties all waiting to be snapped up.

Blocked beret by Camilla Rose

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Tracy Chaplin at the Ascot Emporium

Tracy Chaplin Millinery

Red and Black Fan Hat by Tracy Chaplin

A great little ‘Go with anything’ hat for Royal Ascot. This double red and black straw fan is mounted on a crown headpiece and so complies to the Ascot dress code critera.

Available at the Herald and Heart Ascot Emporium.

Tracy Chaplin Millinery

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Donna Hartley Coral Boater

Roya Ascot hat

Coral Boater by Donna Hartley

This hat is perfect for Royal Ascot. A summer boater made in carol coloured sinamay and trimmed with a leaf green patent bow and quill.

Available at the Herald and Heart Ascot Emporium in Fulham Road.

Roya Ascot hat

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Getting Ready to Launch!

After many sleepless nights burning the midnight oil to get the hats ready on time, The Emporium is coming together and is ready to launch on Friday 11th May.

There are still a few hats to come in for the start of the event but we should be brimming (sorry) with choice to complete your wardrobe for Royal Ascot or any upcoming wedding or similar occasion.


The Ascot Emporium starts on Saturday 12th May and runs through to Saturday June 23rd.

A special preview party is being held on Friday 11th May with corks popping from 4:00 and carriages at 8.


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