A History of the Fashion Turban

fashion turban

Definition of a Fashion Turban

A draped turban or turban hat is a millinery design in which fabric is draped to create headwear closely moulded to the head. Sometimes it may be stiffened or padded, although simpler versions may just comprise wound fabric that is knotted or stitched. It may include a peak, feather or other details to add height. It generally covers most or all of the hair.

You may have noticed that turbans are making a definite comeback if you look at the trends for Spring/Summer 2017. But first let’s go back in time and see how the turban has evolved through the decades.

A history of the Fashion Turban


Turbans Issue Title Is Ways And Means 1942

Part of issue WAYS AND MEANS by Pathe Studios, London.
Anne Edwards fashion expert and editor of “Woman” magazine shows women how to combat hat rationing by making glamorous turbans from scarves. Various shots of woman (could be Edwards or could be model – not made clear in commentary) demonstrating how to tie scarves into different styles. Flowers, feathers and costume jewellery are used to decorate the turbans.

Modern Revival – Spring/Summer Trends

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